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Eric K. 2 years ago
She sounds like a real winner herself...I am sure shes no supermodel just looking at her chewed up fingernails and flappy arms so why judge your boyfriend for something he doesnt control?? Some people have big ears, small ears, big noses and small noses, lots of women have small breasts but we dont hate them for it...its just a body part who gives a shit?
Papa john 3 years ago
small dicks matter too
5 inch gang :( 2 years ago
This is just increase my anxiety, i never fuck any girl maybe thy hate my dick, hope one day i find a kind girl that dont care with my smol dick :)
Same size 1 year ago
That looks thick not that small
daddy 2 years ago
where his balls at?
Horney 1 year ago
I would enjoy playing and sucking him
2 years ago
Decent girth
... 1 year ago
It's a kink he's into thats why when she slaps it he means more. Hints he likes she "hates" his penis
6 months ago
Chelsea olivar and pono ?
Layton 43 hours ago
His dick is longer and thicker than my dick